Komboloi eye

14,00 €
This is a traditional Greek Handmade komboloi made with acrylic eye and synthetic resin beads, by EFI

Greek Worry Beads are a great way to stay calm and make a memorable gift. Komboloi can also be used for decoration.

A new year means new dreams, hopes and expectations.
A good way to start the year off with a positive feel is by looking for happiness where it truly is and feeling grateful for the gift of life, the gift of friendship and the gift of love received by our family which are all more precious than the biggest diamond in the world. These days do not neglect to show your love to your most beloved ones in every possible way. Presents are always welcome and what is a better present for the New Year to a lucky charm with strong symbolisms?

All 2021 Lucky Charms is designed handmade by talented Greek Designer Efi.
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