Boho Earrings

Boho Earrings with brass-plated elements and blue hematite

15,00 €


Earrings with black crystal beads and brass plated Celtic knot

12,00 €


Earrings with black crystal beads, brass-plated disc and ending with moonstone

12,00 €

Earrings diamond

Earrings diamond Gunmetal (Antique Brass) color, pink-gold base

8,00 €

Earrings Horn

Earrings handmade unique with ceramic horn and platinum chaolite bead

17,00 €

Earrings Mykonos

Earrings with chaolite and gilded elements

12,00 €

Earrings star

Earrings star with brass plated and black enamel

7,00 €

Earrings Summer

Earrings handmade unique with turquoise and white chaolite and silver plated V

17,00 €

Earrings Triangle

Earrings with hematite, chaolite and silver plated elements

16,00 €

Earrings Turquoise

Earrings with blue hematite beads, turquoise cheolite, and silver-plated triangle

19,00 €
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Greek column earrings

Greek column earrings, handmade, with agate stones, all metal elements with brass silver plated or gilded. Length 6 cm

17,00 €

Meandros earrings

Earrings with gilded Meander and chaolite

14,00 €