Bracelet Marti Tsarouchi, unisex,, March bracelet, Spring bracelet, Greek Martis

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Bracelet Marti Tsarouchi, unisex

According to the spring tradition of “Marti” or “Martia,” adults and children wear a small bracelet made of red and white thread after March 1st. The tradition dates back to ancient Greece and is held throughout the Balkans.
In 2021, Greeks celebrate 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821; the armed uprising waged by the Greek revolutionaries against the Ottoman Empire, with the aim of overthrowing Ottoman rule and creating an independent state.
This collectible bracelet-Martis was made in memory of the anniversary and the importance of 1821. It is an original piece made by designer Efi Pantazi, who created it exclusively for this year.
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